The more mirror-minded you become, the more your home will reflect shining charm!  -Dorothy Draper

Consultation Fee     $295

*This includes up to 2 hours evaluating your home by taking pictures and measurements.

*You will receive a written proposal within 2 business days including paint suggestions, individual room recommendations, tips and estimated staging fee.

Yes, please but wait.... how much is this going to cost? 

* Meetings By Appointment Only *


Grace & Charm

OK I still can't decide and have questions - No problem! Send us a message and we'll respond within one business day!

Staging Fee       $125/hr (minimum 4 hours)

*Create focal points and enhance emotional attachment for potential buyers. 

*Arrange furniture and accessories in such a way as to enhance appeal to a wide audience. 

*Maximize visual square footage, lighten and brighten rooms.

*Will provide any necessary on-trend accessories for enhancement (may include nominal renting fee)